Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday -Work Sucks Haiku Collection

Here are all
the Haiku's
I have posted &
readers have left
so far

I hate being here
I am trapped... suffocated
It is killing me

I Deserve More Pay
Working for The Man Aint Fun
Too Bad for Black Me.

People are stupid
I hope I win powerball.
I hate everyone.

Shame on me for working here
Pennies for the day
I’d Rather Collect Welfare.

It’s not Friday yet.
Oh Tuesday, how I hate you.
Working makes me sad.

Friday, Where Are You?
Working Sucks So Very Much
I Deserve A Raise

Powerball SAVE Me
Some People Don’t Work At All
I Want To Go Home

Rotting in my seat
Still no richer than before
Working like a dog

Don’t pay me enough
Treat me like a piece of shit
No good jobs for me

Why do you call me?
I press “DND” button
That will teach you, bitch

Rather Be At Home
My Paycheck Is Far To Small
Can’t Buy Shit with It

When it rains, it pours
I hate working in the rain
My umbrella sucks

Working sucks big time
Friday is too far away
Somebody shoot me

I’m so very bored
The walls are closing on me
I want to get drunk

I left my warm bed.
To come to this place of work.
Life is so unfair.

Running Out the Door
Stepped in a Puddle of Mud
Wet Feet at Work is Awesome

The alarm went off
I could’nt believe my ears
So I hit the snooze

My Alarm Went Off
I Had To Get Out Of Bed
It Ruins My Day

It’s rainy and cold
I would kill to be in bed
Watching day-time crap

On the road I go.
Cold and rainy, It just sucks.
I want to go home.

I’m Back To This Place
Three Day Weekend Is Over
I Am Very Sad.

Hung over and tired
Like the start of every week
It feels like Monday

How was your weekend!?
Like They Even Give a Fuck
All fake and cheezy

Rather Be Napping
Seven More Hours To Go
It is Depressing

I Sat in Traffic
Everyday I Suffer
It’s Only Tuesday

Need a Vacation
I Can’t Take it Anymore
Help Me Please Help Me

The water cooler
Is where I like hanging out
More than at my desk

What’s more depressing than that?
When can I retire?

I got canned today.
I’ve only got five minutes
To clean out my desk.

Get back to your job
You are easy to replace
Try me I dare you

the bathroom smells bad
i don’t think i’ll miss it much
but tampons are free

It is the weekend
can’t read blogs at work
so I read them now

Stop Bothering Me
I’m Not Your Secretary
I Hate All of You

I hate work, work work
I hate it more than you know
I hate work, work work

Never Use My Phone!
Stop Taking My Stapler Please
Did You Steal My Pen?

Did not use your phone.
I have my own stapler, thanks!
Yes, your pen’s now mine.

The boss is not here
I’ll be asleep in the back
Wake me up and die

dumb people hurt me
when they reply to emails
asking for info

The desk is not real
Your hands shake false
Coffee is my friend

a transistor dies
your work is gone

Man...! You Really Stink
Standing Over My Shoulder
Try Brushing Your Teeth

Maybe someone else
wants some coffee too, you hog!
Refill the Mr. Coffee!

You sneak up on me
Each time I get scared and jump
I need clean shorts again

The world stinks today
One hundred degree weather
It brings out the stank!

Please STOP asking me
I told you - it’s not done yet
Are you that stupid?

May I bring to work
My cats Frankie and Johnny?
No? Then ‘bye: I quit.

Don’t fucking rush me.
Can’t you see I’m eating here?
Eat first; work later!

everyone here sucks
i want to drop a bomb
i need a day off

Everyone here sucks
Because they are not working
They had today off

I hate all of you
Fire me I don’t give a shit
This place is painful

I want to throw the
Damn phone against the damn wall

yes, i love my job
i know most people do not
better you than me

You beg me to return
Then put me on probation
you totally suck

Please don’t use my phone
You keep coughing right near me!
You are so germ filled...

grumble, grumble, frown
Every day seems like Monday
I want to go home

I hate close talkers.
get out of my friggin’ face
you are in my space!

You sneez’d in your hand
And now you want to shake mine?
Yuck! Please go away!

Once you leave your job,
don’t come back to visit me.
I STILL don’t like you.

If I had a job
I would write one for you Jen
But now I cannot

get your hand out of
the ice machine i just saw
you picking your nose

What do you want now???
Can you give me a minute?!!
You aggravate me....

Think before you speak
Or you will say very dumb things
Again and again

Everyone, come see!
I brought my bassoon to work.
At lunch I’ll play it.

One Minute To Go
5’ Oclock Is Drawing Near
No More Boss Bullshit

Ringing telephone
Can someone else answer it?
I think you all suck

Big race to nowhere
So much compulsion to do
Being is better

The office lunch room
Is not a good place to eat
Unless you're a hen

Tuesday is the worst
A completely worthless day
I want my bed now

Headache pounds my brain
Must I endure work today?
Escape is tempting

Back from vacation
Staring at the computer
Tuesday work sure sucks

Today is Tuesday??
How can that possibly be?
It's Monday I hate.

Like Hens in a Coop
You business-suit clad demon
Quit stabbing my back

Going back to work
After a three day weekend
Really sucks so much.

People are stupid
Talking nonsense all the time
IQ’s don’t equal 60

Working Aint No Fun For Me
But I Need Money
I Must Go Back To Work Now

** I know some haiku's left by readers are
not with correct syllables but at least they tried!!


© 2006
Property of the Slack™


Blogger Michael Wren said...

Work does indeed suck...

2:30 PM  
Blogger Aunt Nora said...

No what SUCKS, Grrrrl, is that NONE of MY haikus are there. pffft... Must be a "whites only" page. Where the hell's my lawyer!

12:49 AM  
Blogger Aunt Nora said...

Workin' for the man
And he asks me to stay late
To take "Dick-tation".

My fist's in his face
I think he learned his lesson
Outta my way, FOOL!

(We'll see how "exclusive" this page REALLY is).

12:51 AM  

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